Our Company provides Service of Process to Greater Riverside County. We have increased our coverage area throughout Southern California. Our Attorney Service provides fast results and high turnover rates. We are using the newest technology in the industry to provide real time updates to you, our clients. Our Process Servers are experienced in a variety difficult serves and have an understanding of Riverside County.

eServe knows the demands of our industry and of our clients in Riverside. Reliability and fast turnover rates are our main goal with our clients. With years of experience in the legal industry we have a great understanding of what Attorneys need.


We offer a variety of Services in Riverside County, please call with any inquires or look to our ongoing blog for answers.

Process Servers of Riverside California

Finding a reliable Process Server Riverside can be a complicated process. You want to ensure the person you are hiring has a valid license and knows what they are doing. The bottom line is if you do not find a process server in Riverside who can track down who you are looking for then you have lost all chance at justice and recovery. There are so many ways to track people down nowadays, and you need to know what you are getting when looking at process serving in Riverside. You can depend on our company to provide you with quality service every time.

Latest Technology

Technology is one of the biggest friends to the Process Server Riverside. As much as there are people who want to live off the grid, the truth is they are often lured back into reality via various social networking sites. The links of their family and friends can help our process servers track down even the most difficult to find person in all of Riverside County. As much as the person might not use social networking, by tracking down some known friends and family members we can use various check-ins, tweets, posts and links to hone in on the person we are looking for. We have perfected this type of search so as to yield fast, effective results to get the papers served promptly.

Time Limits

There are time limits on certain types of paperwork and if someone knows you are looking for them it becomes a waiting game. As experienced process servers Riverside we know how to smoke them out, get what we need to pinpoint their location and serve the papers. There is no reason someone should be able to just wait out a time limit in order to avoid answering for their transgression. Our process servers will do everything possible to get the information and help get the process moving so you can get everything done in a timely manner.

Check Our Credentials

We would love for you to check our track record, read our praises and even reach out to some of our former clients. When it comes to Process Serving Riverside, you will not find an eProvider with a better record and more satisfied customers. You should know who you are hiring and the types of results that have become the norm for our company. The more successful we are, the more successful you will be. As a consumer it is only responsible for you to validate references before you make your final decision.

Check the Price

Our prices for Process Serving Riverside are quite competitive. While we will not claim to be the cheapest, the reason is because we are good. It does you no good to pay someone a low rate and still not see success when it comes to serving the papers on time. Worse yet, you do not get a second chance. This is one of the moments in life where you truly do get what you pay for and given that an entire lawsuit or the safety of your family could be on the line, it is worth the extra little bit of money to make sure the work is done properly. With a high completion record we believe our process servers Riverside are worth every penny.

We Provide Details in Writing

There are many companies out there that tell you what they plan on charging and give you a general idea of what they do. The truth is, until you get into the process you cannot know exactly how the situation will play out. We know this so we provide our contract in writing but also include constant updates so you know where we are in the process of getting the papers served. We do not want you to be in the dark.

You should be aware of the steps being taken on your behalf by the process servers Riverside. This means email updates as well as having our phone lines open for your inquiry. With some process servers you pay the money and never know the results until the end. By keeping you in the loop we are providing quality service as well as giving you the opportunity to know where you stand. Other servers like the dark because you have no opportunity to go elsewhere. We are confident enough in our ability to get the job done it behooves us to let you know what is going on every step of the way.

Fatal Errors

Other process servers may allow making fatal errors such as giving them the only copy of the paperwork. Process servers Riverside makes sure you retain a copy of everything as well. You need these papers for your records and if you ever decide to try and go elsewhere. You can also instruct us on how you prefer to receive updates so that you can stay organized through the process. Misplacing important information can cause problems down the road. You should try and tell us how you want the papers served, for some process serving this is a simple thing. The only time it gets complicated is when we are locating someone you do not have access to. The cost is clearly different for a simple serving versus one that requires leg work.

Overall, Process Serving Riverside is a straightforward situation, one that gets the job done and helps you get what you need. While you have many choices when it comes to servers, you can depend on our quality individuals to do the job correctly so you are fully protected when you go to court. You do not want your very important suit thrown out because you had a bad Process Server Riverside. By putting your trust in this company you will get what you need and you can call any of our former clients to find out just how quickly and accurately we can get the job done, no matter the complexity of the situation.

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